On March 17, Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the joint venture with Taiwan Dayou International Optoelectronics and Jingyuan Optoelectronics to package high voltage LED (HV-LED) modules and high voltage LED (HV-LED) finished lamps. Liu Jingwei, Chairman of Yaming, Wang Jian, Chairman of Dayou Optoelectronics, and Li Bingjie, Chairman of Jingyuan Optoelectronics, respectively, made a speech and signed. This shows that Yaming Company, which has a history of nearly 90 years, has taken a key step in the development strategy of LED lighting, and has opened a new chapter in cross-strait cooperation in the field of LED functional lighting.

The joint venture project has a total investment of 100 million yuan, a joint venture company registered capital of 60 million yuan, Shanghai Yaming accounted for 50%, Dayou Optoelectronics accounted for 40%, and Jingyuan Optoelectronics accounted for 10% of the shares; the project is divided into two parts: the high-voltage chip package is in Shanghai Yaming Company, the whole lamp is assembled in Qiandeng Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu. The packaged integrated light source products are mainly 3W, 6W, 9W and so on.

Huang Feng, general manager of Shanghai Yidian Holding Electronics Group, said in his speech that he will fully support the project construction and is willing to create more convenient conditions for the joint venture project. He hopes that all parties will achieve win-win and win-win results.

In this cooperation, Jingyuan is responsible for providing HV-LED chips, Dayou is responsible for HV LED packaging technology, and Yaming is responsible for finished lamp technology. The joint venture parties are based on the principle of mutual complementarity and mutual benefit, and fully utilize the joint venture parties in HV-LED lighting. The leading edge of technology research and development in the early stage of the product, joined forces to enter HV-LED, and formed industry-leading market competitiveness through industrial chain integration.

According to reports, the difference between HV-LED products (high-voltage light-emitting diodes) and ordinary LEDs (low-voltage) is through the study of various techniques such as epitaxial growth of substrates, discrete arrays of microchips and bridges between micro-grains. The HV LED lighting module has an industrialized light efficiency of more than 110lm/W. HV-LED can be directly applied to the AC high-voltage driving lighting market. Compared with the conventional ordinary LED (low voltage), the design of the driving circuit is simplified and reduced. The use of components, the drive circuit power loss is lower, the device reliability is higher, the structure will be more miniaturized, and the application cost is greatly reduced. Due to the above advantages of HV-LED, the industry generally believes that HV-LED may become an important direction for the development of LED lighting in the future, and will dominate the future LED general lighting market.

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