Nothing angers users more than the remote controls of various set-top boxes. For them, it is tantamount to torture. Therefore, there is a view that using the software version of the remote control is relatively simple. This software allows iPhone and iPad users to use their devices to control the TV as they wish.

Smartphones and tablets are the remote controllers of the future. Apple is not the only company holding this view. Google (microblogging) allows users to control its Chromecast video streaming device through iOS or Android devices; Microsoft allows Xbox users to control its entertainment-oriented video game console through the SmartGlass application on iOS, Android or Windows devices.

Some of the world ’s leading technology companies are perfecting the concept of the remote control that came out decades ago. The Flipps application hopes to become a universal remote control that allows users to control about 4,000 WiFi-connected TVs, set-top boxes, and Xbox One game consoles.

With this app, users can push content directly from their smartphones to their connected devices. Flipps now provides many on-demand music, video and news services, most of which are free. However, the company plans to launch more paid services in the future. It also hopes to establish new partnerships with these content providers and become more like traditional cable TV services, providing on-demand services, rather than relying solely on dynamic information from public sources.

However, we have many ways to use these services: you can buy a set-top box, use the service pre-installed on a new TV, or rely on video game consoles to meet your entertainment needs. The main idea behind Flipps application development is: using smartphones instead of traditional remote controls or video game controllers to handle these things can provide users with a better experience.

I am a technical control. Any other system requires me to remember many steps before I can see what I want to see. Melipi Filipov, the co-founder of Flipps, said, but now we need a very relaxing experience process, using your smartphone or tablet at any time, we don't need to teach you how to use your phone.

In fact, using iPhone to control Apple TV is obviously more convenient than using the included remote control. The traditional remote control and its method of controlling the TV become more and more complicated. Rather than using the remote control that often falls under the sofa, it is better to use the well-designed remote control application on the mobile phone.

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