Abstract: With the continuous development of banking business, people have become increasingly dissatisfied with the bank queuing service. For this, the project team has designed a bank calling mobile queuing system based on the current bank calling queuing system. A set of paperless, networked, and intelligent information systems designed to meet the needs of depositors to handle deposit and withdrawal services and realize convenient and fast queuing. Savers can queue up through the wireless network without having to go to the business hall; by feeding back the number of people in the relevant outlets to the depositors, they are reminded to choose the outlets that are closer to them and have fewer queues, so as to reduce the number of savers in the bank business hall The wasted time spent queuing for business has greatly facilitated bank savings users and rationalized the flow of people in the queue.

0 Preface

With the continuous acceleration of life rhythm and the improvement of people's awareness of time, it takes a long time for people to handle business in banks, so that bank depositors have become increasingly dissatisfied with bank queuing services, and related experts, scholars, and industry practitioners have also responded. Various schemes and suggestions have been put forward, but these schemes and suggestions do not solve the long waiting time in line and the public ’s dissatisfaction with the queuing problem in reality, which is not very practical. For this, the project team is based on the current bank On the basis of the calling number queuing system, the bank calling number mobile queuing system is designed. This system is designed to meet the needs of the majority of bank users for deposit and withdrawal services and to achieve the needs of convenient and fast queuing. It is a set of paperless, networked and intelligent Information system.

1 Background

1.1 Problem phenomena and causes

It is not difficult to find from the reports of major news media and online media that people are increasingly dissatisfied with the queuing service of banks. The problem of queuing seriously affects people ’s lives, and a lot of time is wasted in vain. "The queuing phenomenon of state-owned banks is serious. The average waiting time is "85 minutes", "From accessing numbers to conducting business, among the 4 state-owned bank outlets visited, the average waiting time for reporters was 85 minutes, the shortest was 56 minutes, and the longest was 167 minutes; the average was 5 minutes at 5 joint-stock bank outlets Among them, China Merchants Bank and Bank of Beijing are 48 minutes and 47 minutes, respectively. "People's response to this problem has also been increasing." Things that can be done in three or five minutes will have to wait in line for an hour or two!

Moreover, people are easily anxious when they are bored to wait. The phenomenon of "Gasai" and "jumping in line" has caused a lot of social emotions. The number of depositors handling business is increasing, the business processing procedures are cumbersome, the staff business is unskilled, and the outlets are set up. Unreasonable, etc., these are important factors that cause queuing problems.

1.2 Existing queuing system

At present, the calling queue system on the market first requires a large amount of paper, which not only wastes resources, but also has a considerable impact on the environment. The used paper sheets are flying everywhere. Secondly, bank depositors can only queue through the queuing terminal in the business hall, resulting in the depositors having to wait in the business hall, wasting a lot of time in vain, which also has a negative impact on the bank. Third, the existing system has a high failure rate, such as lack of paper, failure to print, and failure to line up due to power failure. Fourth, the existing queuing model may cause acquaintances to jump into the queue. Acquaintances can do business without the queuing or after queuing because of the acquaintances, causing serious social unfairness and other negative effects.

The existing bank queuing and calling system is not only very cost-effective. The quotation using four service desks as an example is shown in Table 1. Among them, the standard configuration of the full wireless window is: one touch screen number picker; four calls Device; four window displays; ten wireless transceivers.

Table 1 Existing queuing machine 4 window quotation

Table 1 Existing queuing machine 4 window quotation

In addition, the additional cost of "outside installation requires additional costs (including: catering, accommodation, road expenses, etc.)" The total cost of one-time expenditure needs at least 25,000 yuan, and there are maintenance costs, printing paper fees and subsequent costs such as printing ink cartridges Expenses will be higher; and this is just a business outlet, if there are more business outlets, the corresponding cost will increase significantly; and, even with this investment, the depositors ’dissatisfaction with the queuing problem cannot be solved.

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