The world's leading semiconductor supplier spanning multiple electronic applications, the world's largest consumer electronics and portable device MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) sensor suppliers STMicroelectronics (ST; New York Stock Exchange code: STM) today launched An in-sew smart garment prototype design of the new ST iNEMO® multi-sensor motion co-processor, which recognizes the complex motion of the user's body and converts it quickly and accurately into a digital model. iNEMO Body Movement Reconstruction Technology (iBMR) can improve the clinical and sports treatment as well as enhance the end effect of real-world applications. For example, users can run side by side with world long distance champions on their own track.

By connecting a miniature multi-sensor node to the user's big arm, small arm, big foot, and lower leg respectively, connect two multi-sensor nodes on the back (you can also connect multiple sensor nodes by hand, foot, or head). Semiconductor's body motion reconstruction smart garment design prototype launched today shows the superior performance of a miniature multi-sensor node.

The iNEMO motion coprocessor integrates ST's MEMS motion sensors and magnetic sensors, STM32® 32-bit microcontrollers and dedicated software in a solderable 13x13x2 mm miniature module, which is a flexible embedded directional estimation solution Important components.

Using ST's advanced data fusion software, each iNEMO smart sensor node represents the highest performance and smallest size attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) module available on the market. Each multi-sensor node sends data to the controller, and then the controller applies the measurement results to a graphic skeleton model and displays the physical motion posture and direction in real time.

Large-scale and complex human motion experiments show that ST’s motion reconstruction smart clothing has excellent detection accuracy and response speed, and the spatial accuracy deviation during the movement is less than 0.5 degrees. The sensor data is processed and applied to the skeleton model. The time is less than 15 milliseconds.

Samples of the iNEMO motion coprocessor are immediately available.

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