[Higher reporter Luo Shenghua] With the rapid increase in the demand for one-stop shopping experience for home building materials, the marketing methods that are compatible with it are constantly changing. “Pan Home” is the most direct platform for one-stop shopping, and is also highly respected by various industries such as home building materials. As an important member of the "pan-home" field, lighting companies are also eager to try to share the huge market of "pan-home".

In fact, the case of lighting companies holding "pan-home" has long been available. Many LED lighting companies have also begun to test the "pan-home", and some insiders predict that this year will usher in the climax of lighting companies into the "pan".

However, although “Pan Home” has been widely praised by lighting companies due to the upgrade of marketing methods, the final result of lighting companies into “pan” is somewhat unsatisfactory. For example, the establishment of the earlier "Champion League", the results of joint sales are not optimistic, and the companies have not achieved effective integration between channels. Even in the "Champion League" online store, even many alliance brands have no figure. appear.

In this phenomenon, some insiders even joked that the "Champion League" is only a place for the two sides to "drink coffee", there is something to gather, nothing to do.

On July 10, 2014, the “2014 China LED Lighting and Pan-Home Furnishing Industry Cross-border Summit and 2014 Gaogong LED Lighting Channel Conference” jointly hosted by Gaogong LED, China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo and Guangbohui will be held in Guangzhou. The conference room No. 1 of Area B of Pazhou Canton Fair was held. Sun Wei Lighting (600261.SH) domestic marketing center marketing planner Hu Wei will present a keynote speech on how to integrate mid- to high-end LED lighting into the “pan-home” system.

"In general, 'pan-home' as a concrete manifestation of joint marketing, the proper use of the two brands will greatly benefit." Hu Wei told the high-tech LED reporter.

As Hu said, with the development of mobile Internet, "pan-home" marketing has not only limited to the sales of physical products, the promotion of "soft power" is also valued, and the QR code sweeping, APP downloading, etc. are not uncommon. .

In addition to the change in sales model, with the emergence of e-commerce platform, the "pan-home" joint platform has gradually spread the sales position to the virtual platform of the network. For example, in the “Smart Home” campaign promoted by Jingdong in the past, through a mobile APP, various home products such as home appliances and lamps can be effectively integrated into one network system, so that online and offline effective integration can help For the sale of products.

"Lighting enterprises and home building materials enterprises can form a platform for common promotion, but if you want to develop this platform for a long time and healthy development, you need to have a third party's constraints." Hu Yu explained.

As the saying goes, "One mountain can't accommodate two tigers", in the case of evenly matched enterprise strength, the lack of an effective restraint mechanism for sales between enterprises leads to a "respective" state of both companies.

So who can do this third-party intermediary platform?

The development of “pan-home” needs to consider various factors, so how should the company operate in the process of “generalization”? In this "pan-home" system, what should companies do to be more comfortable?

Hu Wei believes that this third party must not be done by the supplier because the company is exclusive. This third party must also have its own desire to sell itself. It can be an e-commerce platform such as Tmall or Jingdong, or it can be a related industry organization, such as high-tech LED.

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