LED packaging manufacturer Hongqi has a good news in patent breakthrough. Hongqi and Japan Toyota Synthetic Co., Ltd. will announce the signing of a patent licensing contract on the same day (15th), which will be very important for Hongqi to enter the Japanese, European and American backlight market in the second half of the year. Great help, have the opportunity to receive OEM orders from major international manufacturers.

Hongqi's second quarter revenue reached 1.75 billion Taiwan dollars (about 362 million yuan), a record high in a single quarter, a 47% increase in the quarter, a single-quarter profit growth, and a higher gross margin, the legal estimate Qi Di's pre-tax profit was about 111 million yuan (about 22.96 million yuan), more than doubled from the first quarter of 0.53 billion yuan (10,396,300 yuan).

Hong Qi is following the patents of Yiguang, Guangbao and Dongbei, and another Taiwan LED packaging factory has obtained a patent license for Toyota Synthetic. Wang Qilong, chairman of Hongqi, said that Hongqi is expected to open a bigger market and focus on operations in the second half of the year.

Wang Binglong said that some orders have been won, only pending patent breakthroughs, and Toyota's patent license can make up for the lack of cross-licensing with OSRAM. In the future, Toyota Synthetic will cooperate in other places.

In response to the needs of customers, Hongqi actively strives for and obtains the patent license for Toyota Synthetic Silicate Fluorescent Powder White LED.

Toyota Synthetic and Tridonic Jennersdorf GmbH (Austria), Leuchtstoffwerk Breitungen GmbH (Germany) and Litec GbR (Germany) have patents for white LEDs using blue LEDs and yellow silicate phosphors, silicate phosphors combined with blue LEDs Made of white LED products with high precision and high brightness.

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