On September 12, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Pohang ICT held a joint venture signing ceremony for LED projects. The two parties will jointly create LED new green light source products and enter the middle and high-end market. The two sides also jointly expressed their willingness to strengthen cooperation in more fields and projects in the future.

Tanggang and Posco ICT will jointly establish a new light source company in China in the form of a joint venture, using “TANG STEEL-POSCO LED” as the joint venture company to use the only LED brand in China in mainland China. The joint venture company is jointly managed by both parties and is responsible for sales in the Chinese market. The LED lighting products produced cover more than 170 specifications in 9 categories, and the product technology is synchronized with POSCO LED. In recent years, Tangshan has accelerated the pace of development of the non-steel industry through international cooperation. The LED project will be an important support for the comprehensive upgrade of Tangshan Steel's non-steel industry.

Tang Yong, chairman of Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., said that Tangshan and Posco ICT have jointly established a new company, which marks the beginning of cooperation between the two parties. Tang Steel and Posco have established a true ties with Pohang ICT. Tangshan has a huge potential market in China, and Pohang ICT has many advantages such as high-quality technology and management experience. This is the basis for cooperation between the two parties. The LED project will not only bring considerable economic benefits to both parties, but also bring the future of mutual cooperation to both parties.

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