With the increase in the complexity of mobile devices and the improvement of functions, 21ic will increasingly reduce the thickness of devices, match multiple antennas, and increase data transmission rate and operating frequency. This has led to an increase in the market demand for board-level shielding (BLS) products that can meet the new challenges of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Designed to meet this need, TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced board-level shielding (BLS) products. TE board-level shield (BLS) products that are stamped or drawn into one or two-piece metal cages help isolate board-level components, minimize crosstalk, and reduce EMI without compromising system speed interference.

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TE board level shielding (BLS) products

Frank Basile, Product Manager, Consumer Electronics, TE, said: “Stamping, plating and automation have been our core competencies for decades. The new board-level shielding (BLS) products enable TE to translate these core competencies into Customer benefits, speeding up time to market and large-scale production at very competitive prices."

The latest board level shielding (BLS) products feature a number of standardized design features including: terminal locking holes, corner shapes and bend radii. In addition, TE's local field application engineers in countries such as the US, Europe and China provide fast and reliable customer support. It takes about 72 hours to prototype a board-level shield (BLS) part, depending on the complexity of the sample.

TE's board-level shielding (BLS) products once again demonstrate TE's ability to leverage customers' global scale and low-cost manufacturing to deliver solutions that meet the needs of multiple industries.

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