21ic Tektronix has announced the launch of an automated audio loudness correction solution that combines with Tektronix Cerify's automated file-based quality control (QC) platform and was recently demonstrated at the NAB Show 2012 in the United States. By adding proven audio loudness correction technology for use on the Dolby DP600, Cerify can not only test audio/video content, but also automatically correct audio content in real time based on test results.

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Terrestrial and satellite broadcasters, cable multi-system operators (MSOs) and telecom IPTV operators are increasingly being asked to comply with audio regulatory requirements, such as the A/85 standard under the Commercial Advertising Loudness Reduction (CALM) Act, or the European Broadcasting Union. (EBU) R128 audio loudness standard. In the past, this often required additional hardware components and new workflows, which not only increased capital expenditures, but also led to longer work cycles.

Eben Jenkins, general manager of Tektronix video product line, said: "As audio loudness issues are gaining increasing attention worldwide, we are increasingly learning from customers that they need to integrate automatic file-based quality control (QC) technology. Loudness solutions to avoid additional workflows. By working closely with Dolby Laboratories, we were able to demonstrate this state-of-the-art audio correction technology that combines software-based QC solutions that will help operators streamline their business operations. ”

The demonstration shows that by adding this new feature to Cerify, operators will be able to take a single-step process so that QC and corrective actions can be completed in the time it took to perform the QC step. With this solution, no additional corrective steps will be required. This also reduces the complexity of the process. Originally, a MAM or automated system was needed to digest the information captured by the QC engine and decide whether to send the content through the correction system. Benefits for operators include lower capital expenditures, lower integration complexity and shorter workflows. Cerify is a fully automated system for quality control of file-based content during its creation, post-production, ingestion, decoding, archiving, and prior to transmission or use. Solutions range from Windows-based PC stand-alone workstations to enterprise-class solutions connected to third-party automation or asset management systems.

Jason Power, senior director of broadcast audio ecosystem at Dolby Laboratories, said: "We are committed to ensuring that broadcasters and operators can deliver authentic and consistent audio. We are pleased to work with Tektronix to provide audio loudness correction The solution is to achieve optimal quality and consistency."

The new Dolby loudness correction technology for Cerify's time to market is expected to be deployed later in 2012.

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