CLP plans to expand its footprint in the mainland lighting market with Xiamen as the “East Asia” brand tradition and LED lighting as its brand and sales base. Taiwan Power Plant pointed out that its East Asia lighting source spent NT$814 million to purchase the Xiamen Torch Science and Technology Park factory, which will serve as a forward LED lighting and lighting base. The expected production and sales efficiency will begin to fertilize next year.

On September 24, CLP said that the East Asian lighting source has been built in Xiamen Donghai Torch Science and Technology Park, with a total area of ​​25,000 square meters, including parking spaces, with a transaction amount of RMB 167 million. It is planned to be the LED lighting and power-saving bulb of CLP. , lamps, electrical products into the mainland market production and sales base.

CLP pointed out that this is the implementation of a planned investment of 30 million US dollars last year to set up a production and sales base in Xiamen, including production, research and development, logistics, gold flow, etc. have been completed, the purchase of the Xiamen Torch Science and Technology Park building, also It can be used as a research and development unit, in line with the mainland's regulations on investment income tax exemption for investment in high-tech industries.

CLP said it will invite LED supply chain manufacturers to enter the market to maximize efficiency. In terms of products, CLP will produce LED lighting, energy-saving light bulbs, lamps, and electrification products. CLP will fully expand its brand and build channels, focusing on mainland engineering, corporate, government, construction, residential and other fields. Contributing to revenue next year will make up for the shortage of Taiwan's revenue.

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