T8 halogen powder fluorescent lamps and their ballasts are restricted or banned from lighting in Beijing. The field of lighting will usher in the spring of T5 from the official website of the China Electric Lighting Association: to further improve the quality of construction projects in Beijing, and further improve the Using functions, saving resources, protecting the environment, and promoting the healthy development of the building materials industry, according to the “Administrative Measures on the Catalogue of Building Materials for Promotion, Restriction, and Prohibition of Use in Beijing” (Beijing Building Materials [2009] No. 344), the Beijing Municipal Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is In May this year, the “Beijing Catalogue of Promotion, Restriction, and Prohibition of the Use of Building Materials (2010 Edition)” was published and has been formally implemented since September 1.

The "Catalogue" involved 126 products including lighting products, among which 41 were for promotion, 46 were for restriction, and 39 were forbidden. Including incandescent and halogen lamps, due to their high energy consumption, low light efficiency, high temperature, poor safety, and short life span, they are included in the list of restricted-use building materials and have ceased construction in Beijing since July 1, 2010. The engineering design, starting from September 1, 2010, is prohibited in the construction of new public buildings and well-furnished residences in the city's construction projects. The recommended alternative materials are energy-saving lamps, T5 fluorescent lamps, LED lamps and other efficient lighting products.

Halogen fluorescent lamps are included in the restricted or prohibited series due to their low luminous efficacy, poor color rendering, and severe light degradation. T8 fluorescent ballasts are used for the first time as a result of their low energy efficiency, low power factor, high operating temperature, and potential safety hazards. Since July 1, 2010, the product will stop construction engineering design in Beijing and will be prohibited from use in Beijing construction projects from December 1, 2010. Electronic ballasts and energy-saving magnetic ballasts are recommended as alternative materials.

T5 fluorescent lamps and LED light sources are listed in the promotion category of low-voltage electrical materials for their low power, high luminous efficiency, energy saving, small size, light weight, strong power adaptability, simple construction, long service life, etc. The scope is the indoor and outdoor lighting of architectural projects.

In order to implement this work, it is understood that the Beijing Municipality and the district and county construction commissions found that the procurement and use of prohibited or restricted use of building materials products during the supervision and inspection of construction projects was based on the State Council's “Building Energy Conservation Regulations” The provisions of the fourth paragraph shall be ordered to correct and impose a fine of 200,000 yuan up to 500,000 yuan. For supply enterprises that supply construction materials that are prohibited or restricted from use in construction projects, the municipal construction committee shall publicize the construction project material supply enterprise integrity information system.

It is understood that many provinces and cities in China have also formulated regulations for restricting or prohibiting the use of inefficient lighting products. It is believed that in the general environment of energy conservation and emission reduction and prevention of global warming, Twelve. During the fifth period, the intensity of restrictions or prohibitions on the use of low-efficiency lighting products in China will further increase.

In the past, the use of T8 fluorescent lamps in office space was dominant. Now, with the restrictions or prohibitions on the use of T8 fluorescent lamps and its ballasts, and with LED technology or cost still to be improved, T5 is saving nearly 40 percent compared to T8. %, and has technical advantages such as high color rendering, good light quality, long life, and low light decay. In the future, office, business, school, and underground engineering will dominate.

To this end, we can be very optimistic about the forecast: the lighting field will usher in the spring of T5!

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