The final pump station of the South-to-North Water Transfer completed transmission On the afternoon of May 17th, along with the instructions of the dispatcher of the State Grid Tai'an Power Supply Company, the 110kV Lishui Line and 110kV Balili Station were successfully delivered. The Taian Power Supply Company successfully completed the last stage of the East Route of the South-North Water Diversion Project. The power transmission requirements of the 110 kV Baliwan Station of the pump station were used to fill up the electricity for the South-North Water Transfer Project as scheduled.

According to the deployment requirements of the State Council, the 2013 South-to-North Water Diversion Project east line project should be fully watered and the water should be tested in June. The Shandong Provincial Government promised the State Council’s Office of South-to-North Water Diversion to pass water on May 20th. As the last-stage pumping station for pumping water from the 13th-stage pumping station of the East Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, whether or not the Bali Bay Pumping Station in Dongping County is scheduled to be put into operation is of utmost importance.

In order to ensure that the 110 kV South-to-North Water Transfer Project will be put into operation on schedule, the leadership of the Tai'an Power Supply Company attaches great importance to instructing everything to serve the South-to-North Water Transfer Project and to fully serve the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. After receiving the application from the customer for acceptance of power transmission, the technical team composed of the staff of the company's marketing department to expand the report, large customer class, and measurement class arrived at the customer's electricity site for inspection at the first time.

In view of the situation on the site, the technical team found that the entire 110 kV substation is still in a full-scale construction stage. The main transformer, 110 kV GIS equipment has just been put into place, high-pressure water pumps are being installed, and all electrical equipment is under intense and busy wiring and debugging. Have acceptance conditions.

According to the engineering design requirements, the 110 kV Balili Pump Station power transmission project will be supplied from the 220 kV Lilou station, and the new 110 kV customer line (110 kV Lishui Line) will be 27.8 km with 95 base towers. On the client side, a new 110 kV substation was newly built, and two 110 kV/lO kV dual-winding non-excitation regulating transformers were newly installed, and the main transformer capacity was 2 x 16 MVA.

The substation of 110 kV voltage level directly accesses the main grid of Shandong Power Grid. With a small defect, it will cause a fault trip. This will affect the safe operation of the higher-level 220 kV Lilou station and cause a major safety accident on the power grid. . For this reason, the staff of the Taian Company's industry expansion and large-scale customer service divisions served as staff officers at the scene. Analyze the status quo and propose plans, sort out the factors affecting power transmission, propose solutions, implement them in customers, and construct management units. The company formulates the accountability system and forms written materials for each department and responsible person to ensure the power transmission work. "All the way open."

During the acceptance process, the company's acceptance team personnel carefully checked and solved the problem, helped solve more than 40 problems and fulfilled the customer's request for power transmission as soon as possible. In the acceptance on May 17th, the acceptance team passed a day of intensive inspection and acceptance work and confirmed that the substation had the conditions for acceptance of power transmission and that the power transmission was successful once.

Headphone Speaker:


Headphone speaker is a king of speaker unit which is used for headphone, it also called headphone driver. These speakers have high sound pressure level, fast frequency response, wide frequency response range and low distortion. Headphone Speakers are mainly used for voice headphone (e.g. customer service phone, call center headphone, military intercom headset- ) and music headphone (e.g. Bluetooth headphone, sport headphone, game headphone-).


Our main headphone speakers include:

1)    From the diameter, we have speakers in 23mm ~ 57mm.

2)    From the impedance, we have speakers of 32ohm/150ohm/300ohm/1000ohm.

 headphone speaker

headphone speaker

headphone speaker


     Q1. What is the MOQ?
XDEC: 2000pcs for one model.
Q2. What is the delivery lead time?
XDEC: 15 days for normal orders, 10 days for urgent orders. 
Q3. What are the payment methods?
XDEC: T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram. 
Q4. Can you offer samples for testing?
XDEC: Yes, we offer free samples. 
Q5. How soon can you send samples?
XDEC: We can send samples in 3-5 days.

Headphone Speakers

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