On October 24th, the reporter learned from the Heilongjiang Electric Power Company's Communication and Dispatch Center that on the day of October 18th, the daily generation of wind power generators of the Heilongjiang Power Grid reached 32.211 million kwh, a record high.

In recent years, Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. has been actively implementing the national energy emission reduction plan, striving to optimize the allocation of resources, through the continuous strengthening of power grid construction, improving the structure of the grid, creating favorable conditions for wind power access to the grid and actively solving the wind power transmission problem, making The installed capacity of wind power in Heilongjiang Power Grid has rapidly increased. As of October 20, the installed capacity of wind power in the province has reached 2.418 million kilowatts.

The power grid of Heilongjiang Province actively carried out optimized dispatching of water, fire, and wind, strictly implemented the requirements of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission on wind power dispatching, and refined the quantification of wind power dispatching management. The wind power forecasting system at the dispatching end was established, the forecasting accuracy reached the domestic leading level, and the full coverage of wind power forecasting for wind farms in the province was gradually realized. Wind power was included in the daily power balance, and the thermal power unit operation mode was reasonably arranged according to wind power forecasting power. Using the heating information upload system to verify the minimum output of the thermal power plant, to provide maximum space for wind power while ensuring heating. We will give full play to the advantages of regional power grids, actively coordinate Northeast Electric Power Grid, balance wind power across the region, and realize the obligation of the entire network to jointly absorb wind power.

With the arrival of the province's winter, wind power has entered the golden season of power generation. Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. will actively face the unfavorable factors such as poor peak shaving capacity of heating units, large peaks and valleys of power supply grids, and insufficient space for peaking power grids. The grid company "ten inaccurate" and "three public" dispatch "ten measures", innovate management, standardize services, do its best to absorb wind power, and promote the healthy development of wind power in Heilongjiang Province.