In modern business activities, confidentiality has always been an important content, especially in today's highly competitive market. Trade secrets are no different from the key to opening Alibaba's treasures, causing major losses due to leakage of trade secrets. Too many to mention.
This is only at the enterprise level. National government agencies, state law enforcement agencies, and military industrial enterprises all involve state-level secrets. The requirements for confidentiality are even more important. If there are not enough protective measures to prevent leaks, it will cause huge losses to the country. According to the latest secret law promulgated by the state, the directly responsible person and the principal responsible person will be severely punished.

If the circumstances seriously constitute a leaked party to the crime, criminal responsibility will be pursued according to law.
The confidential meeting room is a special place for many government departments and important departments of central enterprises to hold meetings involving state secrets and corporate secrets. More and more enterprises have begun to set up confidential meeting rooms to prevent commercial secrets from leaking. In the confidential conference room, not only can it effectively prevent eavesdropping, monitoring, monitoring, but also prevent far infrared imaging, prevent wireless remote sneak, prevent electromagnetic radiation, etc., and does not affect the decoration of the conference room.
Most of the current confidential conference rooms are made up of two aspects: sound insulation and sound absorption. In order to achieve good sound insulation effect, the sound insulation wall is used for sound insulation wall. The sound insulation wall uses a variety of sound insulation and sound absorption structures, double-layer steel plates, damping plates, sound-absorbing cotton, and the secret conference room is made into a top-secret "room in the room". This is not enough. It also needs to cover the entire meeting space with sound-absorbing materials. Door seams, windows, ventilation fans and carpets all use special sound-absorbing cotton.
The three-story, three-story, confidential meeting room is designed to ensure that no sound can escape the meeting room. In fact, there is a way to achieve this effect, which can be easily achieved with simple acoustic characteristics.

(Yes, technology is the primary productive force, we must believe in the power of technology!)

The last time we were in science, we mentioned that the audible sound is spread in all directions in the air, and the ultrasonic waves are transmitted in a straight line. ( Science Portal: It may be the most vernacular sound interpretation! (below))

In addition to the characteristics of linear directional propagation, there is one more point, that is, refraction.
Ultrasonic refraction?
When an ultrasonic wave enters another medium from one medium, the propagation direction changes at the interface between the two media because the density of the two media is different: one part is refracted into the other medium and the other part is reflected back. When ultrasonic waves are transmitted as a gas to a solid or a liquid, since the density of the two media is very different, the sound waves are almost completely reflected, and the ultrasonic level gauge is a measuring tool made by utilizing this characteristic.

That is to say, when the ultrasonic wave propagates from the air to the solid or liquid, several parts of the sound wave are reflected back. Based on this conclusion, what happens if the sound reinforcement system of the conference room uses ultrasonic speakers?
Obvious. If the sound reinforcement system of the conference room uses ultrasonic speakers, then the sound from the ultrasonic speakers will be reflected back when they are in the air of the conference room, when they touch the solid wall and the tight doors and windows. Once there is no sound, there will be no escape from the conference room.
The three-layer outer three-layer, the comprehensive results of the sound-absorbing materials of numerous sound-insulating devices, can be easily realized by using the sound-sounding system of the ultrasonic speaker - the ordinary conference room seconds change the confidential conference room.

Do more with less, your meeting room is worth having!

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