The Oculus Touch controller is released today and will greatly enhance the Rift's playability and capabilities. However, this accessory only works when the player faces forward, and Oculus plans to bring a 360-degree tracking and room-level VR experience.

Since the tracking range of the Oculus sensor is not large, you need - 3 sensors to get a room-level VR experience.

The data shows that Oculus' sensor configuration creates a tracking area of ​​8.2 x 8.2 feet (about 6.25 square meters), while the HTC Vive has a maximum tracking area of ​​15x15 feet (about 21 square meters). If you look at this point, you will judge it.

Oculus said that in order to get the best experience with two sensors, they have to be placed in the opposite corner of the room, and the two sensors can create a 5 x 5 square foot (about 2.25 square meters) tracking area.

And this configuration only works when the user is sitting. If you want to get a room-level VR experience, or stand up, you need to have a sensor. Place two of them at a distance of 3-7 feet (about 1-2 meters) in front of you, and the third sensor should be placed behind the room, the left/right corner of the room, and the distance between it and the diagonal sensor. Keep it within 13 feet (about 4 meters).

It is understood that when using three sensors, the USB interface used is different, two of which use 3.0 interface and the other uses 2.0 interface to balance the tracking data.

Using the Oculus Rift is too tired. Reaching a room-level VR requires three sensors.

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