Zhongzhao Lighting Engineering Design Award (3rd Prize in Square Park)

Project Name: Waterfront Landscape Project of Qijiang River in Zhongshan City--Landscape Lighting

Reporting unit: Guangzhou Liangye Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project design concept: a hundred years of Xinhai, a hundred people glory, a hundred miles of Lijiang, hundreds of lights and Qiming.

In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, the hometown of the great man was revealed, and the overall night lighting design of the architectural landscape of about 5 kilometers from the north to the member of the Qijiang River and the south to the south outer ring road was carried out, and the lights on both sides of the Qijiang River were carried out through intelligent control systems. The overall control achieves the effect of the light on the ship, realizing the lighting of the lights along the banks of the river, the simultaneous opening of audio and video, multimedia interactive and other large-scale lighting show performances, promoting the development of the tourism industry in the Lijiang River night, showing the nightscape charm of the lights!

Main design node:

1, brilliant Qijiang display

The entire screen has an arc length of 53 meters and a height of 22 meters. It consists of 320 screen units with a total of 327,680 pixels. The display is closed during the day, revealing four Chinese characters of “China Zhongshan”. As night falls, the display slowly opens from left to right, giving us a colorful motion picture.

The blue water bay square fountain water curtain laser show is composed of 3 groups of lasers, a projector and multiple sets of fountains. The design of the fountain blends with the water and the scenery, and the momentum and softness coexist. The laser and water curtain fountains of the enamel bring the performance of the entire brilliant Qijiang dynasty to a climax.

2, fire tree silver flower

Nine fire trees and silver lampposts stand on the banks of the waterfront plaza. Each light sculpture consists of 19 curved columns with different rules. The brilliant LED lights clearly outline the structure of the flower. The sculptures are beautifully reflected by the lights. The light is slowly rising from the bottom, just like a blossoming small chrysanthemum blooms on the bank of the Lijiang River.

3. Zhongshan Second Bridge

On the two sides of Zhongshan Second Bridge, a waterfall waterfall of about 90 meters long is designed to create the feeling of the long bridge waterfall. With the high-power 144W full-color LED flood light on the bottom of the bridge, it gives a kind of "flying flow of three thousand feet. It is the visual experience of the Galaxy falling nine days.

4. Zhongshan Bridge

Changhong is lying on the banks of the river. The white flying wings on both sides are above the bridge. The tension film is colored in the color of the LED light, which is elegant and clear. The LED digital tube outlines the louvers on both sides of the bridge.

5. Tianzi Wharf, historical promenade

The overall landscape of the area is quaint and elegant, and the historical arches form an extraordinary classical beauty under the smudge of the lights. The quietness reflects a heavy historical beauty.

6, Fuhua projection

Using 8 sets of today's highest-end 32000 lumen output outdoor projectors, combined with 3D projection technology, the Fuhua Hotel's façade projects a dynamic three-dimensional image, the image is closely combined with the building structure, giving a powerful visual impact.

7, one light and one shot

The garden lights on the guardrails on both sides of the Qijiang River vary in style and light. According to the landscape characteristics of different regions, the style of lamps is divided into classical, fashionable and modern. Each area's railing lights show their unique styles and craftsmanship.

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