In addition to LeTV, there are many start-ups for pure electric vehicles in China, including Weilai Auto, Xiaopeng Automobile, Singular Auto, Harmony Futeng (including two independent companies including FMC and Car Company), cars and homes. Wait.

LeTV has just announced the completion of $1.08 billion in financing, but its development still needs to continue to invest more.

LeTV Supercar has deployed the entire industry value chain in China, the United States, Europe and other places. The investment is mainly used for research and development (including more than 1,000 employees in the US), equipment and parts procurement, US factory construction, and the holding of Yidao special vehicles and investment. American electric vehicle technology company ATIeva. In August of this year, LeTV announced that it would invest 20 billion yuan in a project in Zhejiang Deqing County to reach a cooperation with the Zhejiang Provincial Government.

Weilai Automobile wants to release a super-running "dimension reduction attack"

In comparison, LeTV and Weilai are positioned the closest, both of which start with super-running, and then do mass production down, aiming at high-end users.

In 2013, Li Bin, chairman of, met with Lei Jun (microblogging) and told the latter that he had the idea of ​​doing “China Tesla”. In the summer of 2015, when Li Bin decided to make Weilai Automobile, Lei Jun’s subsidiary invested in capital, and Lei Jun became one of the six founding investors of Weilai Automobile. In addition to Li Bin and Lei Jun, the other four are Ma Huateng (microblogging), Li Xiang, Liu Qiangdong (microblogging) and Zhang Lei.

Wei La Auto quickly completed a $500 million financing, including Sequoia Capital and Joy Capital. Later, Weilai Automobile completed a round of hundreds of millions of dollars in financing from companies such as Lenovo Group and Temasek.

It is reported that the super-run of the price of 10 million yuan built by Weilai Automobile will be released in London, England on the 21st of this month. This is a pure match against the old Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and other old super sports cars. The electric super-running, the first batch is limited to 6 sets, the first batch of cars will not be sold, but the team of founding investors of Weilai Auto will try it out first.

Tencent Foxconn jointly invested in two car manufacturers

In terms of positioning, MFC is also biased towards the high end, but it is not clear whether its path is similar to LeTV or Weilai. It is reported that FMC will launch a high-end brand for the world, but it will also be a brand that consumers can afford. In the technical route of the product, FMC chose pure electric, and the estimated price of the new car will be around 300,000 yuan.

FMC is a pure electric vehicle company that is located in the high-end of Harmony. Harmony Futeng is a gathering of Internet car industry jointly invested by Tencent, Foxconn and Harmony. Its investment projects include FMC, and another car company independent of FMC. Unlike FMC, the car company is positioned more civilian. Rejuvenation.

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