Recently, in the major building materials market and lighting stores across the country, everyone is talking about the activities of "Where are the summer vacation fathers" launched by Sanxiong Aurora. It is understood that Sanxiong Aurora "Where is the summer vacation father go" activity, the purchase of designated LED products in the store, buy a certain amount of money to send Evergrande official jersey; at the same time as long as attention to Sanxiong Aurora official WeChat, not only can enjoy free transportation costs Free tickets, free hotel accommodation to Evergrande home Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center to watch the AFC Champions League quarter-finals (Guangzhou Evergrande VS West Sydney Rangers' second round home game), you can also take the baby to travel free to travel to the Changlong Wildlife World. Open the "Where is Dad Going" movie shooting scene experience tour. According to Sanxiong Aurora, from now until August 15th, everyone only needs to pay attention to the official WeChat of Sanxiong Aurora and have the opportunity to participate in the event.

It is reported that focusing on support and assisting sports has always been an important part of Sanxiong Aurora's corporate development strategy, and it is also a long-term measure for Sanxiong Aurora to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. As early as 2001, Sanxiong Aurora began to become attached to sports, and the call for Guangzhou Evergrande AFC champion was based on the choice of the spirit and image of the two.

According to the head of Sanxiong Aurora, from 2001 to the diving champion Xiong Ni to the current AFC Champions League cheering activities, Sanxiong Aurora's investment in sports events is to hope that more people can understand Sanxiong Aurora, know Sanxiong Aurora's products and culture, not the benefits of the moment.

It is understood that as early as 2013, Sanxiong Aurora has been forward-looking sponsored CCTV5 AFC Champions final live broadcast. In the same year, Sanxiong Aurora once again teamed up with CCTV5 to broadcast the first World Club Cup journey of Evergrande and create the Asian team's Asian Club Cup. War history. It is reported that the two live broadcasts have received hundreds of millions of unrepeatable user concerns, and good fan response, which is also a key factor for Sanxiong Aurora to strongly support the Evergrande AFC Champions.

Activity form [WeChat award]

From now until August 15, 2014, pay attention to Sanxiong Aurora Lighting official WeChat (pakled), you can participate in the lucky draw!

First prize: 2 places for the Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Touring Group. include:

2 tickets for the second round of the second round of Guangzhou Evergrande vs West Sydney Rangers on August 27th in the AFC Champions League quarter-finals;

2 tickets for Guangzhou Changlong Wildlife World.

Note: There is also a one-way transportation fee for 2 people from home to Guangzhou, and 2 nights for 1 person.

Second prize: get one of Evergrande's official jerseys [buy and send]

From now until August 27, 2014, pay attention to the official WeChat of Sanxiong Aurora Lighting, and purchase the LED products at the designated store of Sanxiong Aurora Lighting for 1388 yuan, you can get one of Evergrande's official jerseys.


1. Evergrande home location: Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center. Changlong Wildlife World Location: Panyu District, Guangzhou City.

2. “WeChat Sweepstakes” and “Buy and Send” participants are required to scan the official WeChat QR code of Sanxiong Aurora Lighting and enter relevant information; the “Buy and Send” winners must also sign and confirm the registration form on the storefront.

3. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Guangdong Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Co., Ltd.

 Rocker Switches

Rocker Switches is also called a boat switch, an IO switch, and a power switch. The structure of the rocker switch is the same as that of a Toggle Switches and Slide Switches, except that the handle of the rocker is replaced by a ship. This On Off Rocker Switches often used as the power switch of electronic equipment. Its contacts are divided into single-pole single-throw and double-pole double-throw, and some switches also have indicator lights.

Rocker Switches

It is a household circuit switch hardware product. Custom Rocker Switches are used in drinking fountains, treadmills, computer speakers, car batteries, motorcycles, plasma TVs, coffee pots, plugs, massage machines, etc., involving commonly used household appliances.

Custom Rocker Switches

It can divided into Momentary Rocker Switch and square Rocker switches with plastic material,second two-foot boat switch, second three-legged boat switch, three-speed three-legged boat switch, three-speed six-legged boat switch, two-speed six-legged boat switch , round boat switch, square boat switch.

Rocker Switches

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