Wind River®, the world's leading provider of embedded software for smart connected systems, today announced that it has joined forces with Axeda to expand its product lineup and feature support, with a focus on the IoT (Internet of Things) software platform. Axeda is the leading provider of interconnect, construction and management software for cloud computing services and IoT solutions.

Under the OEM agreement, Axeda's IoT platform, Machine Cloud®, will be fully integrated with Wind River VxWorks®, Wind River Linux and the complete software development environment Wind River Intelligent Device Platform for intelligent gateway management, connectivity and security. The Wind River Intelligent Device Platform is an important part of the Intel® Gateway SoluTIons for the Internet of Things. The Intel® Gateway SoluTIons for the Internet of Things is comprised of a set of software platforms that provide users with key components that enable their legacy devices and other systems to access the Internet of Things through a gateway.

By integrating these products, Wind River will make it easier to connect devices to the cloud. Under the agreement, Wind River offers new features that will make it easy for its customers to aggregate edge data, maximize existing infrastructure and improve business process intelligence, thereby protecting existing investments while opening up new businesses. Source of income.

Wind River CEO Barry Mainz said: "Based on the Wind River IoT strategy, our partnership with Axeda will focus on providing a business foundation that supports the business intelligence of connected systems and ensures that IoT devices are safe, reliable and efficient. We will be able to seamlessly connect, manage and securely utilize networked data to deliver real-world information and services. We are pleased to be able to work with Axeda and parent Intel to deliver a leading range of solutions to advance the Internet of Things. ”

Todd DeSisto, President and CEO of Axeda, said: "The partnership with Wind River will accelerate our pace of providing IoT solutions to the global market. In addition, through close cooperation with Wind River and Intel, we will be able to meet The demand for IoT solutions by enterprise customers has led to an increase in product functionality and greater performance."

About Axeda

Axeda provides state-of-the-art cloud computing services and software to manage networked products and devices and deploy innovative M2M and IoT solutions. Axeda helps global leaders reduce the cost and complexity of connecting and remotely maintaining products. Axeda's customers and partners can use Machine Cloud® to transform device data into valuable information to build and run innovative IoT applications and optimize business processes by consolidating device and sensor data.

By leveraging the Axeda® Platform to support their networking products and businesses, customers are revolutionizing their business by increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs and opening up new revenue streams. The IoT solutions behind these networking products include remote services, predictive maintenance, usage-based billing, asset tracking, mHealth, and other solutions.

About Wind River

Wind River is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) and the world's leading provider of intelligent interconnect system software. Since 1981, Wind River has been a pioneer in computing technology in embedded devices. In today's world, more than 1 billion products have been applied by Wind River's technology. Based on world-class global professional services and technical support and a broad ecosystem of partners, Wind River offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of embedded software products. The technology and expertise provided by Wind River enables innovation and deployment of secure, stable and reliable intelligent systems.

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