It's been five years since I wanted to join Auntie. Five years have passed and countless coins have gone. One day in December, I wanted to get bored. I only gave the only two gold coins to the Logitech G231 headphones in the lucky house. Why did I vote for the Logitech headphones because the minimum requirement for this gold coin was 700 gold coins?

Fractal Slim chassis, the result is self-evident, 5 years of large and small sign, test, draw is a determined denominator, until a text message on the morning of December 25, finally let me on January 9. See the legendary Auntie seal, Logitech G231 headphones arrived!

Appearance Gallery

G231 as a low-end gaming headset, I really do not attract much, I own Bose AE2w, Beyerdynamic DT440 has, the game is mainly CS: GO, watchdog, Bose AE2w has indeed met my needs of the game, but There is no reason not to find benefits for the door. Logitech packaging packaging size is not small 23*19.5*11cm, lighter weight.

These parameters are indeed difficult for fans of sound quality to put forward half-interest, the only brightness is the 40mm drive unit.

The inner package is separated from the stand by the headphones, there is no extra buffer inside, want to come to 399 yuan headset, Logitech protection of the headset is indeed some care, does not meet the price of the packaging should be

There are 3 items in the package: headphones, a 2 audio interface, instructions

Logitech line control adopts one-piece structure, the wire can not be replaced, you can adjust the volume, switch the microphone

Compared to the previous generation of Logitech G230, this generation's biggest update is this 2 in 4 plug. This plug can be used on the PS handle, and the functions of the headset are also integrated. It should be noted that on the PC, you still need to There is a 1 point 2 interface to transmit the headset and microphone signals separately.

Low-end headphones have no lighting effect, G can't light up, but relying on orange, still shows a lively and intense.

The overall headset is ABS plastic, light texture, but the strong sense of blowing, plus the gray color does not have a half texture, the 399 price does have a lot of brand additions.

Head beam joined the sea, but unfortunately the experience is poor. This is explained at the end.

As a gaming headset G231 chooses a large earmuffs full package form, good sound insulation, good adjustment, not easy to suppress your ears, it is worth encouraging G231 choose a better breathable mesh structure, long-term wear, than leather earmuffs A lot of headphones are strong.

The headphone suspension beam is made of steel structure. The length of the headphone suspension beam is clear and fixed.

experience feelings

The headphone evaluation finally depends on the sound quality. As a game headphone, this time, a professional CS:GO game will be used as a game field positioning test. At the same time, the quality of the microphone will be measured when there is background noise (hot air blower). Foobar 2000 looks at the musicality of headphones.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Landlord invaded CS eleven, and finally from 1.6 to CS: GO, love for this game has increased unabated, all kinds of settings, a variety of gaming headsets used countless, from the Razer Beihai Giant Demon, Steelseries 9H , V3, and then to the HYPERX CLOUD core popular in the recent CS contest really toss a lot, the only goal is to strive for positioning in the sound field can be very accurate.

The landlord tested the G231, Steelseries 9H and Bose AE2w. Someone here would have questions about why consumer headphones such as the Bose AE2w will be added to the evaluation of game headsets. This will be known to friends later.

In order to avoid the parameter interference, the audio settings here are as follows, close the HRTF virtual sound field settings and use the headphones directly

Test scenario 1: Map Dust2, one person running outside the B slope, B1, B2 listening.


The Bose AE2w has a sound far from the B2 box and can be judged to be on the B ramp.

Steelseries 9H can hear sounds in the middle of a spiral staircase between B2 and B1, and can judge the distance from the middle door.

The performance of the G231 was normal. The B1 approached the stairs to hear the sound to judge the distance.

Test scenario two: map Dust2, one person A caddy skin position to go quietly, listening to A big, A small corner and the middle point far point target moving sound.


Steelseries 9H can clearly determine the sound of people running A small point, but can not immediately determine the scope of the enemy A big or A small corner

G231 can not clearly judge whether A is a small or mid-distance running, A small corner and A large positioning fuzzy

Bose AE2w is clearer at all points, except that the middle point is slightly blurred

During the game, the G231 microphone has a clear voice, and the noise filtering effect is good. When the hot air fan is turned on, voice calls can be clearly understood.

2. Foobar 2000

Although the game headset, but not limited to the game, in terms of music, G231 can play a 40mm unit power is also what I want to test. Liang Chaowei’s “Aeolian Sands”, Karen Mok’s “See You”, and Aunt Cai’s “The Ferry” were selected as audition tracks.

Lost in the East and closed. G231's mediocre performance in voice positioning game finally turned over in the music test. The 40mm dive can be done. Although it's a bit tight and fast, the bass atmosphere is definitely in place, and the middle-to-high female voice has less tooth tone. It is very rare to be high and unprofitable. Later, I started to open Eason Chan's “DUO 2010” concert and wanted to see the separation of the sound field and the instrument. I really did not lose my hope. The various instruments under the complicated scene conditions are clear, but after all it is 2.0 headphones, there is no front for the sound field. Both sides and back.

to sum up

Finally, the G231 is worn, the head and head pressure head is very powerful, more than 20 minutes, the head will feel uncomfortable, both sides of the tight seal but the phenomenon of serious chuck, Logitech low-end headphones in ergonomics really great Room for improvement. As game headphone G231 performance in the game is undoubtedly weak, at least in the positioning of the game performance is poor, running positioning is more difficult, does not meet the game performance should be a game headset. In contrast, music performance, G231 really eye-catching, no less than the face of 4,500 headsets. In general, as a 399 non-independent sound card game headset, G231's cost performance is not high, can not be set with the Logitech Game Center for different games sound settings, can not bring a comfortable gaming experience, such a headset in the low-end gaming headset The market competitiveness is not enough, but if it is a racing game or a game with low positioning requirements, this headset can really bring users a good game experience.

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