In VR games, players have adapted some games into VR versions, and the expected value is definitely increasing. Blizzard's "World of Warcraft" should be such a masterpiece. When the outside world has been expecting the "World of Warcraft" VR version to be launched, Blizzard's top management has poured cold water. In the interview, Hiro Hant, senior vice president of Blizzard's corporate operations, said that Blizzard will pay close attention to the development of virtual reality technology in the game market, but they have no plans to launch VR games.


When the player hears this news, it is estimated that there are many heartbreaking voices. As for the plan why the VR game has not yet been launched, the official explanation given by Gio Hant is that he believes that the main reason is that the number of users of VR games is not much, and the virtual reality ecosystem is still scattered. What is more regrettable is that virtual reality technology has not had a relatively mature technical standard. The implication is that the technology is still so garbage, I am not willing to risk the signboard of my game, so as not to affect the reputation of the game.

Of course, the official did not completely deny the plan to push VR games in the future. It is only because virtual reality is weak in terms of technology, user base, and ecosystem. There is still a long process in its development. Blizzard temporarily Impulsive push VR games are at least excusable.

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