On December 14-15, 2012, the high-tech LED conference was held. 300 CEOs of LED companies gathered in Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club (Dongguan Club) to jointly plan for the development of LED industry, with a large scale and unprecedented grand occasion.
Catering to the LED situation, the conference was sponsored by Tsinghua Tongfang's title--"LED industry is getting cold", which opened the curtain for many problems in the current industry and how to break the ice and thaw. In order to see the leopard, the industry has entered a consensus.
In response to the "Wind Industry Theory", Sun Yue, chairman of Xinteli Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinteli), said in an interview with the "Lighting Market" reporter that "the reason why the LED industry entered the cold winter is a man-made disaster. Non-natural disasters." The main culprit lies in the serious excess of production capacity, which can be regarded as the bitter fruit of blind investment in the whole industry.
Founded in 1996, Xinteli mainly produces high-end lighting products. In 2009, Xinteli fully introduced LED lighting to integrate LED and home lighting. On the evening of the 14th, the 2012 High-tech Golden Globe Awards LED good product was announced. New Terry won the Golden Globe Award for LED chandeliers with the model 2984 chandelier.
“Traditional lighting transformation LED trend has become irreversible.” Sun Yue mentioned that as early as two years ago, Xinteli terminated the research and development investment of traditional lighting, and the focus of development continued to tilt towards LED lighting, and achieved good results. The effectiveness.
"Lighting Market": At present, traditional lighting transformation LED has become the norm in the industry. It is understood that Xinteli started with traditional lighting and lighting, and the LED lighting time is not long. Could you talk about the current transformation of Xinteli?
Sun Yue : From its establishment in 1996 to 2010, Xinteli's light source is mainly based on traditional lighting. From 2008 to 2010, the LED industry is experiencing explosive growth. The company also introduced LED lighting in 2010 and began to seek transformation.
It can be said that the new Teli is still relatively thorough in the transformation of LED. As early as two years ago, the company terminated its investment in research and development of traditional lighting. However, the traditional lighting market is still in great demand. Although we have abandoned the research and development investment in traditional lighting, production and sales are still continuing.
In the past two years, the proportion of traditional lighting in Xinteli has continued to decrease, while LED lighting has been increasing year by year. Up to now, LED lighting has accounted for about 30% of the company's total revenue.
"Lighting Market": Traditional lighting companies have worked hard for many years, channels and brands have been very mature, and the scale advantage is obvious, which is also an important bargaining chip for the transformation of traditional lighting enterprises. How do you see the transformation of traditional lighting?
Sun Yue : There is no doubt that traditional lighting companies have the advantages of channels and brands. However, due to the favor of capital, LED companies do not lose traditional enterprises in scale. I believe that the advantages of traditional lighting companies are mainly reflected in the manufacture of lamps.
As far as I know, many domestic LED lighting companies understand photovoltaics but do not understand lamps. The homogenization of products is serious. The traditional lighting companies from the development of the lamps to the design, and then to the test, and finally put into the channel, the entire set of access will be more perfect.
"Lighting Market": Due to the lack of a strong brand, the entire LED lighting industry is very chaotic, and the price war is one after another. How do you view the status quo of the industry brand? What initiatives will Xinteli launch in terms of brand building?
Sun Yue : The price is chaotic, and the lack of brand is the inevitable stage of the LED industry from development to maturity. The overcapacity caused by blind investment in the previous period has been very obvious, which has aggravated the depth and breadth of the reshuffle of the entire industry. The so-called time to create a hero, in the next few years, the process of shuffling the big waves will inevitably create a company with outstanding brand influence, which is an opportunity for everyone.
The lighting industry is divided into many genres. In the past ten years, New Terri has adhered to the modern and simple product style route, and has a good reputation in the industry. In the entire lighting field, commercial lighting is our weakness, and we need to work harder on the brand in the future.
Therefore, Xinteli began to shift its focus to the development of invisible channels and group customers. For the star hotel lighting renovation project, the company has set up an international engineering center, and has completed the lighting renovation of star hotels including Sheraton and Kempinski. At the same time, we hope to establish a sound sales channel throughout the country. Use channel channels to quickly seize the market and achieve the original accumulation of brands.

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