Recently, the Qingyi Optoelectronics Project with a total investment of 160 million US dollars was signed and settled in the Yunxiao Straits Optoelectronic Industrial Park. The project was jointly invested by Taiwanese company Everlight Electronics and Qingfu Group.

The first phase of the project is worth 25 million US dollars and 100 mu of land. It is mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of optoelectronic devices, new electromechanical components and electronic special equipment.

Everlight Electronics is a global leader in the LED industry and the largest LED lighting application company in Taiwan. Qingfu Group is a leading enterprise in Taiwan's shipbuilding and fishing industry. It is currently investing 6 billion yuan in Yunxiao to establish the Zhangzhou Optoelectronics Vocational and Technical College and the Straits Optoelectronics Industrial Park.

Zener Diode, the English name Zener diode, also known as Zener diode. By using the reverse breakdown state of the pn junction, the current can be varied over a wide range and the voltage is substantially constant, and the diode that acts as a voltage regulator is fabricated. [1] This diode is a semiconductor device that has a very high resistance until the critical reverse breakdown voltage. At this critical breakdown point, the reverse resistance is reduced to a small value in this low resistance region. The current is increased and the voltage is kept constant. The Zener diode is binned according to the breakdown voltage. Because of this characteristic, the Zener diode is mainly used as a voltage regulator or voltage reference component. Zener diodes can be connected in series for use at higher voltages, resulting in higher regulated voltages in series.

Zener Diode

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