On August 22nd, LED packaging manufacturer Yiguang announced that it had once again obtained the Japanese Patent Office’s patent lawsuit and the Japanese Patent Office’s invalidation of the Japanese patent. Although the trial was an administrative disposition and not a judicial proceeding, the patentee Nichia could still seek relief, but it has already added points to the receipt of the company.

In the third quarter of this year, Everlight has already experienced the return of LED TV backlight orders. In addition, Yiguang has actively entered the international LED lighting market and became the pinnacle of Japan and Asia. The patent war between Japan and Japan has also intensified, but since last year, The light was repeatedly received good news, including in May last year, the Japanese Patent Office sentenced the Japanese JP3503139YAG (phosphor) white light patent invalid, and on November 12 of the same year, it made an invalid judgment on the Japanese and Japanese blue light JP2780691 patent, although Japan and Japan appealed again. Strive, but the Japanese Patent Office once again made a decision to maintain the invalidity of the patent on July 18 this year. Yiguang received a notice on the 22nd, which disclosed the good news. The stock price turned black and red, and the final price rose 0.11% to 47.2 yuan. Make a payment.

FGI `s Distribution Transformers have the characteristics of low empty load loss and low operating cost. The positioning and connection of the body is firm, so the effective protection of  Distribution Transformer is greatly enhanced. The overall structure is superior, the electrical performance is good, and the product reliability is high. The National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center passed all the tests for FGI `s electricity transformers including short-circuit withstand capability. The type of transformer contains Oil Immersed Power Transformer and Dry Type Transformer.

Distribution Transformers

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