It is reported that Zhongshan Torch High-tech Zone in Guangdong Province will invest 90 million yuan this year to implement energy-saving renovation of LED street lamps for about 10,000 traditional street lamps in the district.

Since 2012, the district has implemented the LED street lamp energy-saving renovation project through government procurement, which is carried out in 6 areas and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2013. At present, the torch area has completed the bidding for the 7400-inch LED street lamp energy-saving renovation of the central city, Zhangjiabian, health base, science and technology new city, western area and Shantou area, about 5400 baht.

In order to realize the remote real-time monitoring of street lighting renovation and energy saving, reflecting the scientific and technological innovation and management innovation, the energy-saving renovation project in the district implements the function of adding energy-saving intelligent management system. Sitting in the computer room can know the operation of the tens of thousands of street lamps, and can achieve the accuracy of the fault, and achieve energy saving through the innovation of the light source. The system can also monitor the voltage and current of each lamp in real time, and can optimally control the lamp through the system to achieve the effect of power saving, and the overall energy saving reaches 65%.

It is reported that the next step is to plan to carry out LED energy-saving renovation for the community lights under the jurisdiction. Currently, 33 communities in 7 communities will be surveyed, and the design and transformation plan will be entrusted to handle the relevant preliminary work of energy-saving renovation. It is planned to complete this year. Transformation work.

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